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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Download Nero Multimedia Suite 2012

Download Nero Multimedia Suite 2012

One of the best softwares in the world to burn CD'S and DVD'S, audio, video, or data Discs and make images in your pc from any disc.

Nero Multimedia Suite 2013 Size: 293 MB
Download Nero Multimedia Suite 2013 From Here
Our best wishes

Monday, September 24, 2012

Download Need for Speed Shift for Android Free Download

Download Need for Speed Shift for Android Free Download
The best racing game and the most wanted in the racing world

Download Need for Speed Shift For Phones 240x320 Resolution Download from here
Download Need for Speed Shift For Phones 320x480 Resolution Download from here
Download Need for Speed Shift For Phones 480x800 Resolution Download from here
Download Need for Speed Shift For Phones 480x854 Resolution Download from here

Our best Wishes

Download Opera Internet Browser for Phones and Tablets

Download Opera Internet Browser for Phones and Tablets

What is Opera Broser for Mobile Devices and Tablets?
Free Easy Software Help you Navigate the WWW from your Phone or Tablets Devices.
The Smarter Mobile Browsing Software is in your Hand.

How to install Opera Mini or Mobile Opera Internet Browser from your PC to your Phone?
Go to Opera Mini and Choose your Phone Model.
Download the Software to your PC then Transfer it to your Phone Device and install it.

Ex: Opera Mini Smart Page for Android:

Our best wishes

Download Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage Demo Version | The best Combat PC Game

Download Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage PC Game Demo Version

Are you fed up with Racing Games that are all the same?
tired of the same drifting and crashing over and over again ?
want to try something different ?
something from the old school of gaming ..
where the skill still matters ..
then get yourself a gas guzzler .

Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage PC Game Video:

Speed, Heavy, Different Weapons and Vehicles.
With a Very Small and Weak Vehicle You start. But by Wining some cash and Earn money you will can install a deadly upgrades and make  your monster vehicle .
Improve your Vehicle performance and destroy your enemies in the gas guzzlers combat challenge.

 Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnag Screenshot:

Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage Details:
Full Vehicle Customization
150+ miles of tracks
Deadly Weapons Upgrades
Fast-Paced Combat Racing Game

Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage Game Size: 1.64 GB
Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage Download Link: From Here
Our best wishes

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Download K-Lite Codec Pack 9.30 Full

Download K-Lite Codec Pack 9.30 Full

KLite Codec Pack is one of the best Multimedia Playing Support Codecs
You can play any Audio or Video format in any player software you like. Only by download and install Klite Codec Pack latest version.

i hope you like it. it is really very important software to play any multimedia file
Klite Codec Pack 9.30 Full Size: 9.30 MB
Download KLite Codec Pack 9.30 Full from Here
Our best wishes

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Download Alexa Toolbar

Download Alexa Toolbar

Do you want to know any website Alexa ranking without open Alexa website?
Download and install alexa toolbar.
For Firefox From Here | For Interet Explorer From Here | For Google Chrome From Here

Do you want some shortcuts to some of the best internet services like gmail, twitter and facebook?
Download and install alexa toolbar.
For Firefox From Here | For Interet Explorer From Here | For Google Chrome From Here

Do you want to know any website reviews and the similar websites?
Download and install alexa toolbar.
For Firefox From Here | For Interet Explorer From Here | For Google Chrome From Here
Do you want to know the most search trends in the hole internet world right now and don't mess any thing?
Download and install alexa toolbar.
For Firefox From Here | For Interet Explorer From Here | For Google Chrome From Here

We Hope you like The Alexa Toolbar
To know more about alexa toolbar look in the tour from Here
Our best wishes

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Free Download Chicken Invaders 2 the next wave

Free Download Chicken Invaders 2 the next wave
One of the best shooting games i have played ever is Chicken Invaders
I can play for hours and enjoy my time killing Chickens, Eat Chicken Burgers, Destroy the Rockets and Terminate Bosses.

I like the Chickens sounds too when i shot them .... hehehehe

But ..
Saving our world isn't that easy
we have to incrase our power and keep it in the advanced levels or we will be terminated

I hope you like this incredible game
Chicken Invaders second edition The next wave

Chicken Invaders 2 Downloading Size:7.95 MB
Chicken Invaders 2 Downloading Direct Download Link From Here

I Hope you Save our solar system from the chickens attack and terminate the dangerous immediately.

Chicken Invaders 2 Gameplay Video:

Free Download Chicken Invaders 2 the next wave
Our best wishes

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Download iTunes 2012

Download iTunes 2012
What is iTunes ?
Free Software used to play Audio and Video Files in pc, mac, iphone, apple tv and ipod

Program Size : 74 MB
Download iTunes 2012 From Here

iTunes Using Video Tutorial:
Our best wishes

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Download Photo Scape 2012 | Download Picture Scape 2012

Download Photo Scape 2012
Photo Scape
What's Photo Scape?
Lets you program picture Scape picture ton of wondrous prospects and look at pictures in an exceedingly} very stunning method you'll be able to additionally change to the photographs and add effects and you'll be able to additionally write the photos in any line of affection, picture scape program Free picture editor has several capabilities and options, among them Browse pictures of all formats, imaging device screen, writing and enclosed within the Forums.
computer code installation pictures picture Scape
Program size:
about sixteen MB
The program is free
Download Photo Scape
From here Direct Link


Download Photo Scape, installation pictures , installation pictures 2012 , picture Scape picture device , computer code installation pictures 2012,

Learn HTML Lesson 1

Learn HTML Lesson 1

What's is HTML?
HTML is  a programming language for web pages. These websites can then be viewed by anyone else connected to the Internet. It is relatively easy to learn, with the basics being accessible to most people in one sitting; and quite powerful in what it allows you to create. It is constantly undergoing revision and evolution to meet the demands and requirements of the growing Internet audience under the direction of the » W3C, the organisation charged with designing and maintaining the language.
The definition of HTML is HyperText Markup Language.
  • HyperText is the method by which you move around on the web — by clicking on special text called hyperlinks which bring you to the next page. The fact that it is hyper just means it is not linear — i.e. you can go to any place on the Internet whenever you want by clicking on links — there is no set order to do things in.
  • Markup is what HTML tags do to the text inside them. They mark it as a certain type of text (italicised text, for example).
  • HTML is a Language, as it has code-words and syntax like any other language.
Now Let's begin the first lesson
Every web page created by html language is contains codes.
This codes is Begin and End by tags.
In the first lesson we will know the most required and important tags to create a basic web page.
Note: After reviewing the basic tags mean watch the example video lesson.
Note 2: After finishing your website file you have to save it in .html extension

Where i will Write this codes and tags ?
any text editor like notepad is fair enogh right now as you will see in the video.
Note: you have to right the tags in "small mode" not "CAPITAL MODE" 

- First Tag
<html> and </html>
The <html> tag is used the first step to build your html web page.
And to start with any tag you have to close it.
This is the closing tag for <html> tag.
 As you noticed all what we changed is adding "/" before html in the closing tag

- Next Tag
<head> and </head>
What's your site description? your site top information's?
This data must be between <head> and </head> tags

- Next Tag
In the last tags "<head> and </head>" we can put another tags between them called title tags
and looks like that
<title> the web page address </title>
That is the right way to make a name for your web site
Note: I Haven't seen any website with no name before !

- Next Tag
<body>  and </body>
Your site body is the contents.
And this contents must be between <body> and </body> tags.
And this tag is begin after the </head> closing tag.
- Next Tag
<h1>  and </h1>
This is text font formatting tags
h1 mean the biggest font size
h6 is the smallest
There it mean h1 is used in the titles or any text you want to be the hugest

- Next tag
<b> and </b>
It mean the bold font. to use it put it before and after the text's you like to be bold
For example <b> i'm bold </b>

<i> and </i>
It mean the italic font and used like the last one
For wxample <i> i'm italic </i>

<u> and /u>
It mean the underline font and used like the last tag
For example <u> i'm underline </u>

- Next Tag
<p> and </p>
This tags used when you want to write a paragraph

This tag is one of the tags which don't need a close
It mean horizontal line
And used as  a separator like the lin below

- Next Tag
This tag is used to end writng in the this line and go to newline
For example
For public ofcource ir will look like that

And <br> tag is n't need closing tag too

The Video Lesson Tutorial and Example:
See you in the second lesson my friends
Our best wishes

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Download Fifa 2013 Demo for PC

Download Fifa 2013 Demo for PC the best Football Game 2013 Free Download

FIFA 13 Official 2012 Trailer Video:

FIFA 13 Demo has been released for PC, PS3 and Xbox360 on 11th of September 2012.

FIFA 13 Demo for PC
Download FIFA 13 Demo for PC – A fix patch also is available to download.

FIFA 13 Demo Teams
AC Milan, Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Juventus, and Manchester City

Fifa 2013 Demo Sytem Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
Processor: 2.4 GHz dual core

Memory: 1.5 GB RAM (Windows XP) / 2 GB (Windows Vista and Windows 7)

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8000 series or ATI Radeon HD 2000 series or better

DirectX ®: DirectX 9.0c

Hard Drive: 10 GB

 Important Programs to run the new games and solve it's problems:
  •  internet download manager
  •  winrar extractor
  •  direct x
  •  nvidea physics
  •  agia physics
  •  games for windows
  • .net frame work
  •  microsoft virtual c
  •  all dll files
  •  power iso
  •  open al
  •  arc
This programs collection size from one link 351 mb
Download all this programs from here

FIFA 13 Gameplay Trailer (NEW)  Video:

Fifa 2013 Download links in 3 Parts - You can Download Part from Server and other parts from another servers .

Download Fifa 2013 Demo From Migaload
Fifa 2013 Demo Part 1
Fifa 2013 Demo Part 2
Fifa 2013 Demo Part 3

Download Fifa 2013 Demo From Fileflyer
Fifa 2013 Demo Part 1
Fifa 2013 Demo Part 2
Fifa 2013 Demo Part 3

Download Fifa 2013 Demo From
Fifa 2013 Demo Part 1
Fifa 2013 Demo Part 2
Fifa 2013 Demo Part 3

Download Fifa 2013 Demo From Rapidgator
Fifa 2013 Demo Part 1
Fifa 2013 Demo Part 2
Fifa 2013 Demo Part 3

Download Fifa 2013 Demo From Rapidshare
Fifa 2013 Demo Part 1
Fifa 2013 Demo Part 2
Fifa 2013 Demo Part 3

Download Fifa 2013 Demo From
Fifa 2013 Demo Part 1
Fifa 2013 Demo Part 2
Fifa 2013 Demo Part 3
Our best wishes

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Download Pes 2013 Demo for Windows | Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Demo Game

Download Pes 2013 Demo | Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Demo for Windows From Here

The Teams in Pes 2013 Demo Version:
Germany, England, Portugal, and Italy, Santos FC, SC International, Fluminense and Flamengo

Pes 2013 Minimum System Requirements
Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2, 7
Intel Pentium IV processor 2.4 GHz or equivalent processor
1GB of RAM
Video Card NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon x1300. Pixel / Vertex Shader 3.0 and 128MB of VRAM DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card

Pes 2013 Demo size : 471 mb
Download Pes 2013 From Here

Pes 2013 Demo Gameplay Video:

Our best wishes

Friday, September 14, 2012

Download 2012 Latest Windows 7 Codec Version 3.7.8

Download 2012 Latest Windows 7 Codec Version 3.7.8 From Here

What's Windows 7 Codecs Pack?
This Codecs Pack is All in One Media playing Codecs For Windows 7
With Windows 7 Codecs Pack you can Play AVIs, DVDs, MKV, XVID and All another Media extensions .
Windows 7 Codec Pack isn't include any Media Player Program . You can Install The codec Package and Enjoy Playing your media with any Media Player Software you like .
Even if your media are streamed from the internet, Windows 7 Codec Will play any thing at any time and any where .

What's New in Windows 7 Codec 3.7.8?
LAV and Gabests filters are updated, and now you can watch LiveTV playback in non-Microsoft players .

Title:Windows 7 Codecs 3.7.8
File size:26.61MB (27,900,833 bytes)
Requirements:Windows Windows7 / Windows7 64
Date added:September 14, 2012
Download Windows 7 Codec 3.7.8:From Here

Windows 7 Codecs Pack options Video:

Our best wishes

Download Hercules Pc Game Full free version

Download Hercules Pc Game Full free version From Here

What's Hercules Game?
Hercules is Great Game with good 2d graphics.It does not give the player a sense of difficulty but it is a relatively easy game. What People like most in this Game is that its view/camera changes in some stages. It is a higly entertaining game with amazing monster characters and it has a very beautiful environment. Its colours are very good and attractive specially the colour of stones and grass. Moreover the costume of Hercules is very fantastic.

The game is mainly two-dimensional, although in many missions, the player can walk to other planes via pathways or stairs. There are ten levels and three difficulty modes: Beginner, Medium, and Herculean. The last two levels are playable only on Medium and Herculean difficulties. There are three rush levels in the game in which the player must run forward through the map and avoid obstacles without being able to stop or fight. The player's health is measured in the energy bar shown in the upper left corner for normal levels or bottom left for rush levels. The energy bar can be increased by picking up Hercules Action Figures and the energy can be replenished by drinking Herculade cups found throughout the game. The player's main weapon is the sword, although he can also punch, but this is a much more difficult way to defeat enemies. Weapon powerups, known as Gifts of the Gods, can be found throughout the game, consisting of the Lightning Sword (shoots lightning any direction Hercules aims when selected and fired), Fireball Sword (shoots fireballs that seek out onscreen enemies when selected and fired), and the Sonic Sword (affects enemy targets at close range with a circular sonic blast when selected and fired). There is also an invincibility powerup, found in the game in the form of a helmet, which grants the player a few seconds of invulnerability when activated.

Powerups have limited action, and once their energy has depleted, they can no longer be used. In many levels, there will be hidden letters that if all collected, will form the word HERCULES and will allow the player to spawn directly at the next level, instead of starting the game all over from the beginning. There are also four hidden vases in each mission, that upon collection, will give the player a secret password for the current level, which he can later use at the game start screen to spawn at the level from which the vases were collected. During the game, the player will face many bosses, most of which can't be defeated by conventional fighting and require the player to perform special actions to pass. Among the enemies that Hercules will face are: Nessus the Centaur, the Minotaur, the Stymphalian Birds, the Hydra, the Gorgon, and Hades. Several Titans and a Cyclops also appear in the game, but the player does not fight them directly.

Hercules is a game not to be missed:
Virgin Interactive has brought the magic of Disney's animated motion picture Hercules to the PlayStation - awkwardly-named Hercules Action Game. Hercules is a side-scrolling action-adventure game that puts you in the role of the mighty Hercules on quests that follow the movie's storyline to the letter. In fact, players that have seen the movie actually have an advantage because the movie shows how Hercules beats some of the same bad guys that you must defeat in the game. Although Hercules is a 2-D side-scrolling game, it possesses some unique features that put it in its own class. The use of the Z-axis lets Hercules move in and out of background scenery, giving the game a pseudo 3-D look and feel. The other feature that truly makes Hercules fun is the constant interaction that Herc has with his surroundings. For instance, you must use Herc's amazing strength to pick up giant boulders to throw at enemies or use Herc's powerful fists to knock columns and other obstacles out of your way.
Hercules seems to be composed of a combination of the best features of previous 16-bit Disney titles, such as the behind-the-back running sequence from the Lion King, the item system from Pocahontas, and the simple pleasure of exterminating bad guys with big swords from Aladdin. While its 16-bit predecessors may have influenced Hercules, Eurocom has definitely taken this Disney title to the 32-bit level in terms of graphics, sound, and gameplay.
Graphically, Hercules is a masterpiece. The game is energized with cartoon-style graphics that look almost as good as the animated movie. A staggering number of animation frames was used for the character movements - over 10,000! There are also some 3-D elements and objects in Hercules' world that are similar to those in the movie, such as the terrible nine-headed Hydra who was rendered with computer graphics in the movie. This seamless blend of 2-D and 3-D objects makes the game more than just a 2-D side scroller.
Although the visuals are impressive, they are only half the experience. The sound and music are fantastic, mirroring the musical score from the movie. Also from the movie are the voices of Danny DeVito, James Woods, and other stars. Besides using the recorded material from the movie, Virgin Interactive also recorded dialogue specifically for the game.
Hercules is an amazing game that features some of the best graphics and sound ever seen in a side scroller. With all its eye candy, amazing music, and voices, Hercules is a game not to be missed. Even though Hercules is an action game (as the title implies), players who like looking for secrets and hidden items won't be disappointed. The only drawback to the game is the recurring problem with most side scrollers: It is easily beaten within a week or so. Just the same, anyone looking for some old school action should definitely pick up this game.

Hercules Gameplay Level 1 Video:

Hercules Gameplay Level 2 Video:

Hercules Gameplay Level 3 Video:

Hercules Games Size : 19MB
Download Hercules Games From Here
Our best wishes

Download Neighbours From Hell Part 1

Download Neighbours From Hell Game Part 1 From Here

What's Neighbours From Hell Game series?
In the game Neighbours from Hell, the player creeps around the neighbour’s house performing tricks upon the unsuspecting resident. The player is the star of a new TV show with the same name, with cameras that track every move as the player sets traps such as sawing the chair, banana peels/Soap on the floor, smeared paintings and messing with home equipment. The game's objectives are to Create disarray, increase ratings, and win awards. Obstacles in the game include the watchful neighbour himself, also - his guard dog, and a Parrot called Chilli, both of whom will try to alert the Neighbour of Woody's presence.

 The Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, Seven

Download Neighbours From Hell Size : 19 MB
Download Links : From Here

Neighbours From Hell Gameplay Video:

Our best wishes

Free Full Download Command and Conquer Gold Game

Free and Full Download Command and Conquer Gold Game From Here

What's Command and Conquer Game?
One of The first and the best strategy game series ever in the strategy sames world .
You have to choose a country to serve and build your army in real time strategy . Defend Yourself From another's and attack them in the same time, Collect Gold and Technologies to be more Powerful, stronger and Faster .

Command and Conquer is a Freeware.
Supported Operating System for Command and Conquer Gold : Windows XP.
The Game Play is Unlimited.
Command and Conquer game Downloading Size : 580 MB.

 Command and Conquer Gold Gameplay Video:

Download Command and Conquer Gold From Here
Our best wishes

Download Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Version 2.70 For 7 and Vista 32-bit:

Download Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Version 2.70 For Windows 7 and Windows Vista 32bit From Here

The Realtek High Definition Audio codecs are compliant with Microsoft's UAA (Universal Audio Architecture). The top series provide 10 DAC channels that simultaneously support 7.1 sound playback, plus 2 channels of independent stereo sound output (multiple streaming) through the front panel stereo output. Flexible mixing, mute, and fine gain control functions provide a complete integrated audio solution for home entertainment PCs.

  • Meets Microsoft WLP 3.10 and future WLP audio requirements
  • WaveRT based audio function driver for Windows Vista
  • Direct Sound 3D compatible
  • Multi bands of software equalizer and tool are provided
  • Microphone Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Noise Suppression (NS), and Beam Forming (BF) technology for voice application

This software requires 32-bit version of Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Title:Realtek High Definition Audio 2.70 Vista
File size:49.34MB (51,733,249 bytes)
Requirements:Windows Vista / Windows7
Date added:June 23, 2012
Download Driver:From Here

Realtek  HD Audio Driver Effexts in Windows 7 Video:

How to Set Up 5.1 Sound to The Best Parameters Video:

 How to Enable Surround Sound in Windows 7 Video:

Our best wishes 

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